Car rental app concept.

Vlad SavuFabio Verhorstert
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cover image CarGo


The app concept for car sharing aims to provide a convenient and eco-friendly alternative to traditional car ownership. Users can rent out their cars to others in their community, and also find available cars to rent for their own use. The app includes features such as easy booking, payment processing, and a rating system for both renters and car owners. The app encourages carpooling and reduces traffic congestion and carbon emissions.

Image of Feed page

Feed page

The Feed page shows all the available cars in the user’s area. The user can filter the results by date/time, price, and car type. The user can also see the car’s features and the owner’s rating.
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Design challenge

Our objective is to create a solution that enhances the ease of access to travel and transportation for individuals.

Image of Detail page

Detail page

The detail page shows all the crucial information needed to make a decision. The user can see the car’s location, the price, the car’s rating, and the car’s features. The user can also see the owner’s profile and contact them directly.
Image of Profile page

Profile page

The profile page shows the user’s personal information, their rating, and their cars. The user can also see their bookings and their earnings.
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