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Fabio Verhorstert
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The purpose of having an online portfolio is to create a strong online presence and to showcase your skills and work in an effective and efficient manner. An online portfolio is a great way to present yourself to potential clients and employers and can provide a quick snapshot of your capabilities. It also serves as a good platform to highlight your portfolio of works, allowing potential employers and clients to immediately view your capabilities and achievements.

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Design challenge

The design challenge I formulated for myself was that I currently don't have a way to showcase my work and prove my growth as a media designer.

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Target audience

The portfolio is aimed towards my university assesors showcasing the work I've done during the semester, and in the near future towards potential employers and clients.

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I think it was important to showcase my photography skills in the portfolio alongside media products. I've always been interested in photography and I think it's a great way to show my creativity and skills.

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A portfolio is so important, because it also acts as the branding of a media designer. I wanted to create a brand that was simple, clean but still with a bit of artistic flair in the way of using imagery and negative space.